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Default Re: Pushing the envelope of this forum, non drum related

+1.I agree with this 100%.Children die all the time from alcohol overdose,and the number of those deaths is on the rise.Acording to NY City Department of health,teen and pre teen alcohol and related deaths have risen 8 % from the same time last year.

But that has nothing to do with decriminalizing pot.It's safer and cheaper if you grow your own.If we apply the laws related to driving,public intoxication ect.,that we do to alcohol abuse.

Billoins of dollars in resources are tied up in the arrest,prosecution and subsequent action in the care,custody and control of inmates.Lets not forget an arrest record,and jail time that severely limits you ability to get a decent job.That in and of itself,will start the cycle all over again.People become dispondant,depressed and start getting high all over again,often resulting in multiple arrests,and prison time.

According to the US Dept.of Justice,it costs an average of 25-29,000 a year to house a single inmate with California being the highest (I'm shocked) at 47,000 .Having worked in corrections,that figure seems a little low to me.

We jail over 2.5 million people,approx. 750 out of every 100,000(highest on the planet) and 20% of those are for rereational drug use.Since the introduction of the "war on drug mandatory sentenceing laws in 1980,we quadrupled the drug related prison terms.

This is just insane.Time to legalize this stuff.If it dosen't work,then we still have recourse.The 18th and 21st amendments to the U.S. Constitution sound familiar?

Steve B
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