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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

To put the above statistics into perspective - in 2007 The International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) produced some literature called Gun Violence: The Global Crisis. At that time they listed England and Wales as having 0.10 firearm related homicides per 100,000 population. The USA statistic of 3.92 per 100,000 - or nearly 40 times as many - appears to be much higher though not as high as Mexico at 5.11, Panama at 7.12, Jamaica at 16.97, or - highest of all - Colombia at 49.52 firearm homicides per 100,000 or approximately 500 times as many as England and Wales. With a total population of about 45,000,000 that equates to roughly 22,000 per year.
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