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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

All of this is really difficult to comprehend. My heart goes out to everyone affected. Nothing can undo whats been done. That in itself is a terrible feeling. Media coverage and representation of school shootings recently has really exploded. It seems that these incidents are becoming more frequent, but school shootings are actually on the decline. The Federal Gov't issues a survey called "Indicators of School Crime and Safety" that finds schools are still the safest place for children, and kids are more likely to see violence out of school than in it. In my mind that says that we've been doing has been working. No system is perfect, troubled kids will still attempt these appalling acts, and they may even succeed, but more and more of these are being prevented and stopped. I see progress.

If you read about the safety precautions that that elementary school had in place that day, it's amazing. I really don't know how the shooter even got in the school..
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