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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hi everyone
Real name Carl
41 years old
Been playing on and off since I was 13.
Got a gretsch new classic maple fusion set in natural satin finish.
Cymbals ain't all that and I'm looking to get a sabian HHX pack so any advice on size is appreciated. Want cymbals for blues,acid jazz(JTQ stuff)and a bit of reggae! I was thinking evolution performance pack!?!
I play in a band although not gigged for a while as lots of crap been going on what with our guitarist dying and his wife who was our singer leaving because of it(back now).
Live in south east England and my day job I'm a Paramedic so love nothing better than letting all the stress come out through my drums lol. Not that I smash the hell out of em
Any that's about it I think. Il get some pics of my set up on here at some point. Off to play with my band tonight in our practice room.


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