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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Elementary School

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Unfortunately, teachers are increasingly called upon to protect their schools with their lives. Among other things society should do: schools should have a secured defensive firearm available to properly trained administrators and teachers.

If some maniac coward gunman does enter the school, at least school staff will have a chance to defend the school. This won't completely solve the problem but if it stops a coward gunman in his tracks, then it will have worked.
You know Martin I was going to post a similar response. Except I think the teachers, and indeed any adult working there, should have a defensive weapon, possibly something non lethal that can incapacitate a person. I mean it's reached that point. So OK bringing real guns in school would be a hot topic, but how about something as effective, but not deadly?

Like a taser or something along those lines. I see nothing wrong with that, only because what we have now, meaning nothing, isn't working.

I can't help wondering if everyone was armed for real, what would that do to todays society? Would it make more shootings or less shootings? I might be less inclined to shoot if everyone else was armed. It could go the other way too. I wonder how it would actually play out.
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