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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Premier Signia Marquis. My drums have seen some road and playing. After a band fall out, I haven't touched them in over 3 years. I just recently pulled them out to document for renters insurance only to find that they don't have serial numbers.

I bought these 10 years ago as a local store wanted to get rid of everything drum related and focus on pianos. My guess is that they were used as a floor piece. I love how loud these drums are.

Over the years I haven't been the biggest fan of the small 10" tom so I always played with the 12" and 14" like a trap kit. With the road, I've lost hardware and gradually sucked the hardware life off my 10" tom.
  1. Any idea on where I can find hardware replacements for this kit these days?
  2. Was wondering if anyone knew the wrap color/type of this drumkit?
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