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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Conneticut Elementary School

I am also in CT but farther away- still the news hits close to home as everyone knows someone who knows someone who was directly affected.

If I were the praying type, this would be the high season. Unimaginable, senseless damage to the lives of so many. My heart is heavy and its hard not to shed a tear thinking of those children.

Support for the families of the victims is paramount- we are doing what we can. I wish the media would donate or raise funds or something rather than put these people under a microcscope as always happens. Some coverage is good, but one news crew could do it- not 100.

We have lightly expllained this to our childen because as news spreads that this happened and it was in a school in CT, we are bracing for possible fears/concerns from our 5/8 year old kids. So our focus, and I dont think this is a local issue at all, is on our children and making sure they can continue their lives as usual.
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