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Default Re: King of Isolation: Remote Audio HN-7506 or UltraPhones?

You can't wear earmuffs and block all sound. Sound will get in through your nose and mouth and even through your skull by bony transmission. So the idea of playing drums and not hearing anything but the speakers is a pipe dream. It might be possible if you want to use earplug style monitors under a sound proofed motorcycle style helmet that lets you breath air pumped in from a quiet source. I'm sure you could have something like that built for a few grand.

Ultraphones appear to be a set of these:
with some nice drivers installed in them. I made my own isolating headphones using those earmuffs and the drivers from a pair of ATH M20 headphones. I paid $14 for the Peltors and $30 for the Audio Technicas. I drilled 3 holes, soldered a couple of wires, and the headphones were good to go for under $50. The Ultraphones do use better drivers than I did, but the M20 drivers work very well and I spent less than 1/4th the price of Ultraphones. I built a second pair using a cheap set of headphones I had sitting around that also work, but those only used NR21 protection and it isn't enough. May swap those drivers to something more protective.

The only way you will know which pair of those work best for you is to try them. In ear monitors worn under a pair of those Peltor earmuffs will sound better and provide more external sound protection, but that may not be comfortable for you.

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