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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Conneticut Elementary School

Firstly ,my heart goes out to the families of all the victims of this surreal and heinous act.I especially feel for the families of the murdered children.Having lost a son not long ago,I cannot completely describe the sorrow and grief that they must be feeling today,and will continue to feel for sometime after.

My heart also goes out to Bob.Being so close to this tragety ,must feel like a waking,living nightmare.

So many lives destroyed for no reason.But lets leave the politics out of this for now,and let cooler heads prevail.History teaches us that decisions made in anger,are usually frought with tragic consequences.

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor in Dec.of 1941,the constitutional rights of all US Japanese CITIZENS were suspended without due course,and they were placed in "Internment camps" for the duration of the war.Their property seized,and sold.They were forced to live under deplorable conditions.They were citizens,mostly American born.

We need to do what we must to make sure things like this never happen again.But lets get ALL the facts,and recognize that nothing good usually comes of a knee jerk reaction.

Again,I know how losing,and nearly losing loved ones feels,and I feel their anguish.

Steve B
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