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Default Re: WE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!

One thing I've wondered ever since this doomsday thing came up, is how this rapture date will work. I mean, when the time is 00.00 on the 21st of December here in Stockholm, it's 18.00 on the 20th of December in New York, and probably around 12 on the 20th of December in California.

It is not possible for the whole world to be on the same date at the same time, considering that there are some places within the time zone -11 hours, and other places within the time zone +14 hours. Because of that, the whole world is never on the same date in the calender. So if the doomsday is the 21st of December in Stockholm, let's say at the time 00.00, New York will still be on the 20th of December, at 1800 hours.

I hope I made at least some sense.
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