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Default Re: WE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!

Originally Posted by inneedofgrace View Post
If Christians are not allowed to post "nonsense", then Atheism and secularism is present by default. Besides, I don't really see anyone playing holier than thou on this forum.

I'm just hoping the Justin Bieber calendars aren't for sale as long as the Mayan ones were...
You mean:

We'll all die when the lord Jesus takes us.
Not when a false prophet says.
Praise him.
Isn't an inappropriate religious comment on a thread? This is a secular forum. It is written in the rules. I'm not going around telling people that there is no God, although that is my personal conviction. To do so is damned rude, arrogant and demeans the intelligence of the other people here.

Zephyr, in terms of 'nonsense' I didn't mean his Christian beliefs, I meant the arrogance to assume that his view precedes all others. I'll admit that my wording was not exactly choice.

Secularism and Atheism are different things. Secularism prevents religion from influencing the agenda or laws of the body in which it is used, Atheism denies the existence of a deity.
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