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Originally Posted by theduke86
Crappy sound aside, this is AWESOME DRUMMING. God, Tony rules.
I have a new appreciation for Tony Williams. I transcribed the solo from Mr. Spock off of "Believe It" and it's a mother. There's two killer hard flam licks in there. One is flam accents between the high tom and snare in 16ths at 160 bpm. The other one is swiss triplets between the toms which isn't as hard but sounds so cool. There's also a hard BD pattern under a snare drum accented line. That's kicking my butt. I think the hardest are those damned flam accents though... It's impossible to hold for me over 150 bpm. Lucky it's only for one bar, I can pull it off sometimes. Man, Tony rules.

Y'know, somehow I've never really ended up practicing flams, and I was thinking yesterday about whether or not to start incorporating them, and hearing Tony use them finally convinced me I should.
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