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Default Re: Shooting in Newtown, Conneticut Elementary School

Bob my thoughts are with you, the victims, their families and all of the first responders and law enforcement personnel.

For 4 years I worked as a School Resource Officer at two schools, a primary and an elementary school - grades k-5, that appeared very simliar to the Connecticut school. While I saw some sad and even horrible things, I am thankful that I never had to deal with this type of situation first hand. I can only imagine the horror for everyone in that school this morning.

My hope is that no matter what issues or political arguments arrise from this tragedy that we all make the choice not to blame the teachers, the parents, the school system or law enforcement and remember the only guilty party here is the shooter. We need to focus on the healing of all those involved and leave the blame behind.

To steal from Ringo...Peace and Love to you all.
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