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Default Re: Pushing the envelope of this forum, non drum related

I like to use the morphine analogy. Morphine is legal for doctors to dispense. Do we have a big morphine problem? No. Surely Morphine is more addictive, more toxic, and a lot heavier of a drug than most, right? And it's legal. Where's the crippling morphine addiction problem? Huh? Where is it? Not heroin, morphine. Please point me to it.

Keep an eye on Washington and Colorado for some real life actual examples of what legal cannabis will do to society in those states. If there isn't any detrimental effects in 5 years time, will any opinions be reversed? I doubt it, ignorance is a hardy pest. I mean cannabis is being used by the same people who have been using it all along! Any effects on society...they're already here, duh! They've been here for decades. Is cannabis crippling our society now? Then why should legalizing it change things? Just because the laws changes doesn't mean that all of a sudden things are different society-wise. Tens of millions of people have been using it for decades regardless of some ink in a book. A stupid law being rescinded isn't going to make any difference from the societal aspect of it all.

Alcohol is deadly poisonous in relatively small quantities, yet anyone can legally buy it. Right now, I can go buy enough vodka to kill myself in a matter of hours, no problem. My government is just fine with that. It's extremely difficult to kill yourself with just cannabis alone. You would really have to ingest impossible amounts, and even then you probably won't die. The illegality of cannabis is not tied of the safety of the substance, it's to protect profits of the majors. It's a money thing. This is common knowledge. Keeping it illegal seriously hurts the economics of the world, as it is a plant with so many beneficial uses, it has the ability to totally transform the economic state of things. (Boy could we use some of that right now) We need to go from an oil based society to a plant based society. The oil companies and drug companies and alcohol companies and the timber industries all will quake in their boots at Federal legalization. Good. It's about time they had some competition. They've had a free ride for much too long now. Of course it will take a lot for Federal legalization to happen because the federal government profits so much from it being illegal, in many many different ways. Hopefully greed will take over, as it does in every other area of government, and they will realize that it will be more profitable legal than not. When I was in high school, I thought for sure it would be legalized by now. I really can't believe we are still THAT backwards about a substance, that up until 1937, was a MAJOR driver of the world economy. Check into the history of this plant and you might just be amazed at what was accomplished with the products that this plant offers.

The finest plant oil the world has ever seen. One of the most complete foods found in the plant kingdom that contains all the essential amino acids necessary for life. The finest, toughest long soft fiber in the plant kingdom, resistant to salt water rot. Columbus would never have made it to this part of the world without rot resistant hempen sails. It can feed, clothe, lubricate, shelter and fuel our machines, stop deforestation. Keeping it from society is so criminal. Anyone who doesn't see that... I take pity on for their ignorance of the facts.
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