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Default job opportunity- can't make the decision

Just came here to vent really. Maybe a way to organize my thoughts. Have been offered a decent job and it comes at a time where my family is needing more money. We aren't in dire need of money but a little extra cushion never hurt. I've got 2 kids. newborn and 2 yearold. The job is working 2nd shift OR working 3rds. I'm a family guy. I love our evening times together, our playing outside time, our dinners together at the table, night time reading and playing. I eat it up and it makes me whole. We can't afford for me to do 3rds (10pm-7am) because the kiddos would need daycare longer and where we live daycare costs are high. I'd basically be going to work to pay for daycare...doesn't make sense. There there is 2nds. 2-11pm. M-F Daycare costs would be down but I would not have any evenings at all with my family outside of the weekend. Makes me sad to think of all the time I would be missing with my family working in production plant. I already dislike production plants because of my past history. Usually unpleasant personalities that hate their job and feel the need to bring in personal drama or start some of their own. Then you add in the fact that production plants do numbers on your wrists and arms from all of the twisting, pulling, grabbing and motions. (I already have damage to my wrists that have messed with my dexterity).

But the money is good. 16/hr to start 20/hr in 2 months and then on up. It would be a cushion for sure. That's where it ends for me though. That's the only pro. MONEY

Am I a total idiot for choosing family time over a better than average job? I sure feel like one.

I'm 32
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