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Default Re: Anyone else beta testing the New Myspace?

Originally Posted by poika View Post
Haven't tried the beta version myself but those screenshots look kinda confusing.

The original myspace was great for what it was, but they really lost it when they started changing things up and wanted to be more like facebook. Now it just looks like they want to be like spotify/itunes.

Soundcloud and reverbnation are great because it's about the music. No gimmicks.

I hate it when every one of these companies / web sites has every little thing included on the site that they can possibly think of. It's just too much. Sticking to one main thing and making that one thing work properly, that's the key.
True, I think Myspace cut down on their goals this time, before they were a social network plus music plus 7,000 other things, this time around they pretty much stuck to music and social networking, and to be honest I think it turned out well, Uploading music is a lot like myspace but the you get the same sort of exposure of Spotify. And the social aspect of the site is incredibly simple, as it should be.
I think the site could be a huge success like Myspace when it first came out, or an epic failure. Either way I think it's fun to observe.
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