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Default Re: Pushing the envelope of this forum, non drum related

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Weed alters brain chemistry quite a bit
So does salt, coffee, fat, and anything else that enters your bloodstream. Point is, "brain chemistry" is a silly term to use for this.
and it's pretty common for people using it to withdraw from life (not everyone).
Sorry, man... This sounds to me like every alcoholic I've ever met. They shut themselves in and wallow in booze. Don't even get me started on the effect it has on families. Our government had a whirl at prohibiting booze at one point too. Just as with pot, it didn't work and was a giant waste of time, money, and lives. When something of high demand is illegal, illegal enterprise always steps in.

Alcohol certainly has the potential to destroy lives, and it does, but plenty of people use it responsibly.
Alcohol is far more detrimental both long and short term. Apparently there are blinders on in this, because cannabis is also used responsibly for both recreation, and medicine all over the world. Unlike booze which has no accepted medical value beyond emergency anti-septic.

If pot were legal, I bet you'd start seeing more pot-related accidents, fights and crime.
This is backwards. "Crime" comes into play because the substance is illegal, not because people steal cars to get a fix of marijuana. Remove illegality, and you remove the majority of harm that it causes society. As far as fights go, ain't nobody who likes to fight more than a drunk.

Here pot sent three people to the hospital:
I don't understand your point. He went to the hospital because someone gave him a mild intoxicant without his knowledge, not because he was ever in any real danger of anything. On the other hand, people die all the time, including children because they got a hold of, or were given alcohol that they were unable to be responsible with.
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