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Originally Posted by DogBreath View Post
Seven years is a long time to contribute to a project, and it honestly hurts to step back from it. Bernhard has done an amazing thing by creating this resource for all of the world to use. It's not enough to say that DrummerWorld is the best of its kind, because the fact is there is nothing else like it.

Being a moderator on an Internet forum can feel like a thankless job, and yet so many people have gone out of their way over the years to let us know that they appreciate what we have tried to accomplish here. There is no way to make everyone happy, but my goal was always to keep this forum what it was intended to be. Most of us know that there are some rather unsavory places on the 'net, and yet the DrummerWorld forum has always been a place that a young kid with his first set of sticks can have a truly meaningful conversation with his favorite pro drummer, and the rest of us grownups can act in a civilized manner and still have a blast.

And I did have a blast.

You guys and gals seriously rock.

With Love and Respect,

Thanks for your restraint and temperance over the years.

I admin a few dozen Facebook pages I think being an admin is especially difficult because you can't necessarily use your powers to silence someone who hasn't crossed any lines, but is just saying stuff you don't agree with. I always felt like you kept order in the zoo but let the animals be themselves.
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