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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Originally Posted by 12x7 View Post
A fun way to play 4/4 is to phrase it 3 3 2. Two bars of 3 and a bar of 2 to turn it around. You can use the bar of 2 to do melodic fills.
Makes 4/4 sound kinda like odd meter.

Btw I studied with Joe Morello and he said that DB's time was all over the place. Lol
Here's a great opportunity to pass on some knowledge to those who may be less studied in the technical aspects, but still enjoy the music.

12x7, Maybe you could explain exactly what you mean by "3" and "2", from you earlier post...and for that matter, what is meant by the time signatures we often see, such as "4/4", or "3/4".

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