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Default Re: Remo Ambassador coating wearing off...

Originally Posted by Bandit View Post
Being a REMO guy all my life, it has concerned me that many of you have been having problems with your coated heads from REMO! I have purchased many products recently that have come equipped with their heads. Most of them have been heads made by REMO in china, and I was not experiencing the same issues with mine. I decided to call today, and ask about it, and this is what I was told by first customer service, and then by the REMO head manager.

About 3 months ago they had a problem with their coating process for their heads. They wouldn't get into it with me exactly what it was, but they admitted that the stuff was flaking off prematurely. After many complaints they finally rectified the situation. One thing they said, that many of you have also commented on was that the sound was still there, even after the coating had started to come off. Their pro's were telling them the same thing, so it was more just a visual concern then a audible concern!

They gave many pros the new heads to test, and they are back to being more durable. The sound has not changed. The first lady asked me on the phone, if I had any worn heads that I needed to replace, and if I did, they would be more than happy to replace them free of charge with a picture of the damage. I told her no, explained my position, and told her that I would be reporting back to one of the largest drum sites in the world.

Anyone that is still having issues, is probably getting older stock. If you do have an issue with your coating, send in a pic, and they will not hesitate to replace it. The sooner the better I would guess.

Hope this helps! Glen.
They need to have a better quality control method where as they have control numbers or date manu. numbers and recall the bad ones rather than pass them on to the customers knowingly.
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