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Originally Posted by K!lly
I own a lot of video of Mike P. I love his "efficient play"
And he really is a big drums freak....


People said "look at his double bass technic.. so great"... NO WAY.. he can't go upper 200 bpm for 5 min... but may be its only because he don't show it.
Lot of people say also: "he 's the god of drums.. just look at his kit its the bigger one on the world...etc"

That I'm trying to say its that, in the same way for Travis Baker, some fans just hammered my head all time with Portnoy here, and Portnoy there.. "Ho, can you play like Portnoy pliz" or "hum I don't like the way you play, may be its because I allways listen to Portnoy"..etc

Ant Thats really boring......

Like my band.. they are professionnal musicians, really good player and all this stuff (but they don't know the "hidden" part of drum history).. and they want to write my scores in our songs, jus tin the way they heards drums on M.P records....

That make me really sick.

I really love Mike P. (and Travis B.), he's a model for me, but some people just make me hate them because they have big mouths and think that those drummers are the only drummers on the world....

so disgusting.
I agree Mike P and Travis both play with very technical and consistant style and are both fantastic drummers.
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