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Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
I found that the toms sing when tuned high, and have a resonant growl when tuned low, but get a bit boxey in the middle. So if you play jazz, or want a nice deep growl, you won't be disappointed. Also, due to the rounded bearing edges, these drums will respond best with 1-ply heads. The kick has a nice old-school thump, the pillow shown was actually a bit much, I pulled it out and got a nice short boom. It also likes to be tuned either high or low.

I agree 100%. I use two ply coated batters on the toms but I went with Aquarian Super-2 because they are a 7 and 5 mil ply combination and not as thick as standard 2 ply. I tried a coated Emp on the high tom and I didn't like it.
I tune tight on both the toms and the bass. I tune the bottom head slightly higher than the top.
I use a clear PS4 bass batter. I ported the stock reso with a 4 inch hole and I used a felt across it to dampen for a nice solid thump with a hint of boom. Again I tune um up tight.
I love the bass drum!

I don't think that I ever tuned any of my ~round edge~ kits loose. I have owned both vintage Slingerland and Gretsch. I reserve looser tunings for my sharp edge kits.
I kind of like old drums:)

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