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Default Oh dear, what happened to Simon Phillips / TOTO ???


last night Toto had a little gig on Germany's biggest TV show "Wetten Dass...".

I have to say that I saw them live twice 5 years ago. But what I saw last night on TV was really really bad!
They did a crappy Africa-Rosanna-whatever-medley PLAYBACK!!!
Toto once was quite a big rock band, wasn't it?
Even Santana with his huge band always played live on this TV show!

Simon Phillips looked like a kid on his first drum set. (He played a random 5pc) He tried to smile but I think he was glad when it was over.
Oh man how can a top drummer like him play a gig like that? Is it really worth the money?

He even had to perform with the finger snapping sample in the last song.

Oh dear...
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