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Default Re: New Club Date club member!

Took my kit on a gig Saturday, and it killed! It's absolutely the best "cheap" kit I own!

As with most lower priced Asian-made kits, the budget heads need to be replaced. ALL of them. My heads of choice are Evans, Strata 1000 batters and G1 clear resos on the toms, and EMAD on the kick. Currently I have a Ludwig reso on the kick, but that will become an EQ3 soon.

I found that the toms sing when tuned high, and have a resonant growl when tuned low, but get a bit boxey in the middle. So if you play jazz, or want a nice deep growl, you won't be disappointed. Also, due to the rounded bearing edges, these drums will respond best with 1-ply heads. The kick has a nice old-school thump, the pillow shown was actually a bit much, I pulled it out and got a nice short boom. It also likes to be tuned either high or low.

These are a real joy to play, I get a nice vintage vibe from them. Definitely my new kit of choice for acoustic gigs where I want a nice, round sound!

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