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Originally Posted by ZTruax24 View Post
Why exactly do drummers change all the stock heads and cymbals? a drummer, i was trying to explain it to my parents with getting a new set and they dont understand.
Sound quality, a good set of heads tuned properly is the determining factor on whether or not your drums produce eargasms, or if they make people leave the building. After a while, the heads will lose their bounce and their ability to sustain a good tone, old heads will also un-tune fairly easily, so you will find yourself with a different sounding drumset by the end of your show. I can always tell, especially on my snare, when I need a new head because the tension rods with come loose and wobbly after intense rimshots. Tom wise, I just look at how they look and feel coming off the stick. If stick marks have turned your clear head completely opaque, thats usually my cue to pick up a set of new heads.
Resonant heads (the bottom ones) pretty much never need replaced after you put a good set on, stock reso's are fine, but spending $30 to pick up some good reso's makes a huge difference in sound if you can tune it right to the pitch of your shells.
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