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Default Re: Charlie Watts Time Meter

Originally Posted by giansanity View Post

I am looking to see if a story I heard about Charlie Watts was true. I heard this in the mid 1990's, so I imagine it took place around that time or slightly before. The story was at a gathering of notable drummers a time meter challenge was presented to all of them. The drummer and audience would hear the metronome. The drummer would start playing to the metronome. After the drummer was locked in to the meter the metronome was removed from the drummer. The audience would hear both the metronome and the drummer. When the drummer was finally off meter from the original speed he would be stopped. The best drummer obviously was the one who could play the longest after the metronome was removed. Two notable things happened in this story I was told: 1) Neil Peart failed within seconds of the metronome being removed (to the shock of everyone) and 2) Charlie Watts played so long that he got a standing ovation from the audience and was eventually just told to stop. (clearly he would have played until exhaustion.)

What I am looking for is:

1) Is this story true, false or a variation of the real event?
2) If true what was the drum gathering titled?
3) Is there video for this event?


that's a good one. that's even better than Q: "Jimi Hendrix, are you the greatest guitar player in the world ?" A: "I don't know, ask Phil Keaggy".
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