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Default Re: Charlie Watts Time Meter

Hadn't heard this story before, although it sounds unlikely. Precious few celebrity drummers compete in things like this, even for fun. And when you see a bunch of players get together in front of an audience, it's for something like Burning For Buddy, where it's not a competition. Or going back a few years, Rich Vs. Roach, and the like. It was all about the performance and the show, not about being ranked or hung out to dry like Peart supposedly was. And with the exception of Mike Mangini, you never saw name drummers doing WFD, either.

The reason is, nobody wants to be shown up in front or among their peers. It's not necessarily that they don't like losing, they just don't want their reputation tarnished. There are probably a couple of drummers who would gleefully accept such challenges, but Peart and Watts wouldn't be among them.

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