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Default Re: Administration: Dogbreath and Arky....

Originally Posted by Boom View Post
Arky is a great choice! Maybe double bass drumming will get its own portion of the forum now :) But I disagree with the others, I want the original avatar back. I identify with you folks by your pic. It's like Arky had a face transplant. I do not recognize him now.
As much as I love DB... There's already been said so much on that topic, haha. So maybe we can get around having no special section on that ;-)

I hear you on the avatar. While it looks nice IMO I agree that the personal factor has gone. I also like to know how people look like in real. I already know how the Sonor or other logos look like... I'll keep it in mind and create a different avi!

Larry... I have to sleep sometimes ;-) That spammer appeared shortly after I called it a day.

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