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Default Re: Why do i keep breaking sticks

oh and to address the sticks issue:
id recomend bigger sticks. if you play with good technique, a bigger stick shouldn't impede you too much. findsome information on the grip they use in drum corps. these guys are tougher and more badass than any metal drummer wishes he/she could be (no insult to metal drummers, for the most part). they use huge sticks (up to .710" dia, 17" long) and they can play fast with them. the basic idea to their grip is to use the back three fingers for power and control. i use a slightly looser version of that grip for kit and it works great on every stick size.
as for actual models: (im a vic firth fan) X5B, rock, danny carrey model (this one is back weighted a bit so the stick rebounds quicker), or you could look at promarks oak sticks
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