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Default Re: Favorite Bonzo Track EVER?

ooo many great grooves....i kind of like his blues stuff the best...."since ive been loving you" is a simple song to play but it just sticks out to me for some reason....i just love that "bluesey" feel that goes along with that song....and of course on the dvd the Denmark Radio part of the dvd on the first dvd in the clips......communication breakdown.....dazed and confused....babe im gonna leave you.....and how many more times.....just those 4 songs its my favorite on the dvd....sooooo crazy with those fills on dazed and confused.....and even on how many more times....(on how many more times if u notice towards the end where the drums and the guitar comes back in bonham does his fills and starts on the ride and jimmy and john paul just look at each other confused for a second and then they come in and go back into the song.)......and the fill at the end of achilles last stand on the dvd is crazy

but in order my favorite bonham grooves

1. when the levee breaks
2. Since ive been loving you
3. dazed and confused
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