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Originally Posted by B-squared View Post
Drums can be competitive. I'm competitive and I was better when I was 9 than Meg White has ever been,
You have a point in that drums CAN be competitive. That's why we have the yearly Guitar Center drum off. However, that turns the drums into an athletic endeavor rather than an artistic one. If someone likes the athletic/technical/competitive aspects of drumming, I don't see anything wrong with that since it's just a matter of personal preference. The point I'm trying to make is that it's illogical and unfair to judge a drummer who just wants to rock out and doesn't care about the athletic side of drumming based on their lack of athletic attributes. That's like putting down a professional baseball player because he's not a good football player.

Whether one likes one aspect of drumming over the other, or likes them both, is a matter of personal preference, so if someone likes Thomas Lang more than Meg White, there's nothing wrong with that. Thinking that everyone else has to like Thomas Lang more than Meg White just because you do, however, is immature. If she's not trying to play like Mr. Lang, then it's pretty unintelligent to fault her for not doing so. And if I'd rather listen to Meg White than Thomas Lang, that's my perogative. There are a lot of insults people throw at drummers like Mr. Lang too, such as they are all flash and have no soul or substance to their music. I don't knock drummers like that anymore than I do drummers like Meg White. I play because it's fun. If someone else has fun playing something else than I do, why should I complain?
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