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Default Re: Might be moving back to the states - best option for shipping my drums?

Most moving companies insure your belongings at a price per pound rate. Sounds silly but true. Since drums weigh next to nothing you may get 75.00 if they were crushed If it were me I would pack them and ship them myself and insure them for what they are worth. You may be able to buy additional $$ from the moving company but make sure before hand.

from the web.....

So, to know if you're covered, you need to understand the three types of "valuation" the moving company may provide:

Declared value: The value of your possessions is based on the total weight of the shipment multiplied by a specific amount per pound. For example, if the specific amount is $1.50 per pound, and your household goods weigh 15 000 pounds, the mover would be liable for a maximum of $22,500. The settlement is based on the depreciated value of the damaged goods.
Lump sum value or Assessed Value: If your household goods do not weigh much, but are valuable, you may need insurance that is based more on cost than weight. This means you can purchase insurance for a specific amount per $1,000 of value. This must be declared in writing on the bill of lading.
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