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Everything you just said Ohio. The people that put her down, if they don't care for the music, that's perfectly fine, but putting down her playing because "she's not good enough", is totally missing the point of HER playing the music, and why SHE is playing it.

MOST drummers out there, and the vast majority of drummers that put her down couldn't do what she does because they would feel the need to muck it up with "drum stuff" and "SEE! NOTICE ME, I'M GREAT!"
6 months of being in a well known band, and being "un-noticed" by the press, not getting the attention they feel they "deserve", or being put down by numbskulls on drum sites saying it's too simple, or they play like crap would throw them into a tizzy.

She isn't in any other bands, making YouTube videos, or marketing herself. She's never talked about her drumming "skills" anywhere as far as I know, so the only reason to complain about her is because of jealousy.
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