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Originally Posted by ohiodrummer1964 View Post
Golf is a competitive sport. Music is an expressive art form. Judging a musician by the same criteria one judges an athlete is invalid and underdeveloped in one's understanding and appreciation of art in general and music specifically.

Not that there's anything wrong with liking technical music just for the fun of it. But thinking it's technicality makes it better than music which isn't technical is illogical. That way of thinking would rate some of the dated, pedestrian shred metal of the 1980's as better music than Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Unless one is in junior high school drawing the logo's of one's favorite bands on his/her notebooks, that would generally be seen as a sign of not having developed a mature enough outlook on what constitutes good music.
Drums can be competitive. I'm competitive and I was better when I was 9 than Meg White has ever been,
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