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Originally Posted by Gvdadrummasum View Post
I don't know where that post is that you just quoted....but it may be the single best thing I have ever read on these boards
Thank you, assuming you're refering to my post and not the one I quoted.

In another post I read in this thread the poster complained about someone like Meg White, who doesn't practice, making it bigger in the music industry than he did, when he practices diligently at perfecting his skills. I can see the human tendency to think that's not fair, but the fact is it's completely fair. One makes it in the music business by offering one's music for sale, and if the public decides they like what someone else does more, that's their decision and not a legitimate reason to complain.

The majority of the music buying public couldn't care less about the drum part. They like the song as a whole, so if one isn't making it as big as a group like the White Stripes, then one should look at his/her group as a whole. Do you write songs that are so catchy they stick in people's heads even when they aren't physically listening to them, the way Seven Nation Army does. Do you fit in with the audience's current taste, the way the minimalistic approach of the White Stripes resonated with people who were tired of overproduced, poser music when the Stripes came out? Is your visual asthetic appealing enough for you to stick out grab peoples' attention? All these are more important factors in "making it" in the music business than how many hours a day you practice your drums, unless you're competing in a market like jazz which favors substance over style. And even there, you'll notice they use females' attractiveness as a marketing tool, as seen with Diana Krall and Esperanza Spaulding.

So in short, one is entitled to think his/her drumming is on a higher level than someone like Meg White's, but one is not entitled to think that the world owes it to you to like your music better than Meg White's. And if you choose to pursue music as a career, that's just the way it goes. There's nothing unfair about that and it's not a legitimate reason to put down what Meg does.
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