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Originally Posted by dale w miller View Post
Originally Posted by Auger View Post
Being technically proficient on the drums doesn't make you a good drummer or a bad drummer just makes you technically proficient. It's like determining how good a fiction writer is by how many words they know or how many grammar rules they can recite, or how good a painter is by how photo-realistic their paintings are.
stuff like getting across attitude, emotion, ego and personality are what make a drummer great -or any artist great, for that matter.

so do i agree. the problem is the value of art can be so subjective and it really breaks down to taste.
Incredible, I logged in to say the exact same thing and someone else has already said it since I was reading this thread yesterday. The only thing I would add is that art is more important than technique, and that equating technique with musicianship displays a lack of musical and artistic depth one would expect of a teenager, but which shows arrested development in those older than college age.

Not that artistic depth and technical proficiency are mutually exclusive. People like Joe Morello, Beethoven, Jeff Beck and Van Gogh illustrate that. However, technical proficiency is not necessary to posess artistic depth. People like Meg White, Kim Gordon and Sky Saxon illustrate that.
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