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Yes, they have. Although most of their post production comes from manual mucking around so they can say their sound is 'analog'. From Sound on Sound:

"There were also sections where Meg decided that she wanted a different drum feel, so we would punch in the drums. The song ‘300MPH Torrential Outpour Blues’, for instance, has two drum kits in it. Meg actually did some of her own drum edits — she knows how to edit tape."

The article makes a lot of hand-wavey statements about how they 'wanted to avoid computers', but they still do patching and fixing. They don't just 'go'. Now, bear that in mind along with the fact that everyone keeps stating: that everything she plays is incredibly simple. Yet she has to make repeated drum edits and punch-ins?

Along with that she has to play with a metronome to come near a consistent beat. Anyone who has seen her live performances knows she has shaky-at-best time, no concept of dynamics, and no chops.

But I'm not. I'm saying she's not a good drummer because she's not a good drummer. Just like Stu Sutcliffe wasn't a good bass player.

And I like the White Stripes. Well, up until near the end when they got a bit weird. It's good music. Would have been good with anyone occasionally hitting a drum behind the excellent guitar playing and singing. Jack could have just used a drum machine and we wouldn't be having this conversation.

And as for Carla Azar? Big step up. She can actually play.
where does that say anything about pro tools?

it says they spliced tape and that they edited it for a different feel

and do you know what punching in drums means?.....they were going for a production affect ..."a different feel " so they would punch in takes

you proved absolutely zero support to your argument with that quote.....nothing

she is not a drummer bro.....she knows she is not a drummer

never played a drum before forming the White Stripes

Jack insisted she not practice to keep the sloppy sound they created.....that is the charm of the band ....its on purpose genius

....and do you know how many of the drummers everyone here worships sound replaces, and digitally edits their playing ?

at least Meg knows she can't play well

these guys try to play it off like they can

I see a trend with you constantly posting false information on these boards
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