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Originally Posted by AllTheCoolNamesAreTaken View Post
I honestly don't get this discussion, but from experience I've learned that correctly painting Meg's (lack of) ability tends to get your posts deleted. But I just have to say:

The type of music the White Stripes play does only require simple drumming. So in that sense Meg is right for the music. But that does not make her a 'drummer' anymore than a guy learning a three note pattern on bass and playing it on every song makes him a 'bass player'. Sure, for the songs it might work. But it's a very limited ability that shouldn't be extrapolated into something bigger. It's like saying the fact that I can check the oil level in my car makes me a car mechanic.

What is irritating about Meg is the attitude (which isn't helped by Jack White's violent defense of her). If she were humble she'd have no problems. But she basically tapped some surfaces behind a really talented guitar player, got her timing and volume levels repaired in ProTools, and thinks she's a rock drummer.

I think people tend to defend her as a kneejerk reaction because they want to defend female drummers. If I were a female drummer I would find that offensive. There are many really good female drummers. Meg is not one of them.
I think you want to condemn her as a kneejerk reation because you want to defend your opinion of what makes a drummer good as fact, rather than realizing it's only your opinion. People who like Meg White only care that she rocks, and a lot of people think drummers like Mike Portnoy are pretentious, sophmoric wankers whose drum parts and songs they play on are musical masturbation.

The thing to remember is that everyone, including you, has a right to his/her taste, but that doesn't mean your taste is definitive. There's nothing wrong with saying this is what I enjoy hearing in a drum part, and Meg White doesn't play like that, so she's not my cup of tea. It's another thing to say she's not a good drummer because of the fact that she's not your cup of tea.

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