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Originally Posted by AllTheCoolNamesAreTaken View Post
her timing and volume levels repaired in ProTools, and thinks she's a rock drummer.
none of the White Stripes recordings have ever been manipulated by pro tools

in fact almost everything they ever recorded has been purely analog.....all recorded on vintage consoles and tape machines and mixed on is all well documented

nothing she has ever played sounds sound replaced, time corrected , or level adjusted whatsoever .....that is the whole charm of their records

I in no way feel the need to defend Meg .....she doesn't consider herself a skilled drummer .....she just hits drums....before the white stripes she never played drums before

that is what Jack liked.....he never wanted her to practice or improve because he considered that their sound

but in no way do they correct her playing

there are mistakes and time issues all over those records ......beautifully raw

she is perfect for what they have done
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