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Default Re: What NON-Drummers have inspired you?

Ollie Lang, Thomas Tayler, Rich Talford (various paintball players), my father, a few select school teachers, Mr Geetz (karate teacher), Chirs Greenawalt Tom Sevic, Jason Taylor (all three involved with one of my first jobs, got me caring about health, treated me like a brother the whole time)

Zakk Wylde, Darrel Abbot, Ben Gibbard, Benji madden (not into gc as much now but as young kid before I even played I was obssesd with that band lol),
Just gonna hit a few major ones cause I listen to almost every genre
good charlotte, sum 41- got me out of country and into rock etc..
metallica, pantea, megadeath, black label society- got me into metal
Born of Osiris- Saw them one I belive their first U.S. tour and they were so different than what Id been hearning it inspiried me to change it up a lot.
dcfc- first band to realy open the door out of rock metal etc..
Everything after this point is very mixed from jazz, classic rock, metal, alt, rap, hip hop, electro, and all the subgenres and I take influence from all of them. Basiclly once I got to highschool I became much more open to music as a whole.
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