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Default Re: Bernhard is violating my YouTube subscriptions page :-)

Originally Posted by Naigewron View Post
Yeah, I'm definitely an addict.

When I first signed up to YouTube, they used to keep track of the number of videos watched for each account. For the first two years (up until they removed the tracking system), it registered that I watched over 19,000 videos, and my addiction to online videos has gotten a lot worse since then. I'm pretty certain that I've watched 60-100,000 videos on YouTube over that past five years.
As a music source, I love, love, love, love, youtube. I spend so much time hopping from song to song, live vid to live vid... The way you can so easily discover new similar music and watch live music being played is too much of a draw for me.

So I can relate. At the same time though, I've always got music going, so this is just a more active form of my usual.
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