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Default Re: Top 10 Melvins Songs

Originally Posted by solgrohl08 View Post
What are your top ten Melvins songs. Would be nice to see some other fans as no onw i know have ever heard who they are.
Mine are:

1. Honeybucket
2. Gluey Portch Treatments
3. Anaconda
4. Hooch
5. Lizzy
6. Night Goat
7. Sky Pup
8. Isabella
9. Skeeter (Just Another Story About Skeeter Thompson) (GROHL)
10. Lexicon Devil (Good to hear a Germs cover)
Don't think I could make a top 10, but I'm glad to see Night Goat made yours. Every time I put in Houdini I end up listening to that song several times in a row.
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