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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real Name: ??
Age: 49
How long have I been playing: About 25 years
Origin of my username: My eldest boy is Dutch and I live in Rothwell, near KETTERING,Northamptonshire - So I am 'Marco from Roth(well)!!'
Top 5 drummers: Tommy Lee, Alex Van Halen, Glen Sobel, Neil Peart, Stewart Copeland
Make of Drumkit: Custom-made by Tee-Drums, Cotswolds, England. Limited edition 'Moonshine' finish
Make of Cymbals: Zildjian Z3 Series - 14" MasterSound Hi Hats, 22" Rock Ride, 18" Rock Crash, 16" Rock Crash, 18" China, 12" Splash, and a nice Dream Cymbal - Dark Matter Flat Earth Ride 22"
Where do you practice: The Nightmare Drum Studio - at the back of my house.
Are you or were you in a band: I'm looking for one - but my job takes me worldwide :-(.
Covers or originals: Covers at the moment.
Style of music: Good driving rock music
Take out food: I don't really eat sh1t food.
Drink: Red wine and real ales.
Country: Cambridge, England
How did I start drumming: Self-taught, more-or-less.
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