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Default Re: New Club Date club member!

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Well OK, I guess that the hex nut will work for the tom mount solution that you have derived. :)
Do you have an antique tom holder socket wrench to adjust the hex nut that you have installed on the tom mount?
Always keep one in my bag, I occasionally take out a vintage kit.

Oh yea, I almost forgot, since you have gone the, "Old School" route;
lose that ugly suspension mount!!!
Drill that tom for the shell mount and do the vintage vibe correctly :) :) :) (triple smile on that one)
Yeah, it's pretty cheesy even by RIMS-type standards. Will have to determine if I should mount it under the lugs in the middle, depends on what height I need. But I'd already thought about doing the shell mount.

Something else cool that I noticed immediately, the toms use the old lightweight rims!

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