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Default Re: New Club Date club member!

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
Love what he's done with those kits, I personally have a problem with the giant, un-foldable Gibraltar style rails Ludwig's been using, and am slightly reconfiguring mine to fold-down. Had thought about attaching an old rail consolette arm, but really don't want to waste a vintage one on this kit.

I got my Club Date tom holder to fold down simply be taking a cymbal wing nut and cutting the shank shorter with a hacksaw. It worked perfect.
I kept the original Ludwig wing nut so that I can reinstall it if I ever sell the kit.
I also cut a slot in the tom holder to accept the tooth of a memory lock. You can see the wing nut on the left and the memory lock on the rail in the pic.

I played my Club Date at band practice tonight. I hadn't played it with this band before. I have been playing my 6 piece ddrum kit with them.
It was an awesome session! They all loved the Ludinator. :)
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I kind of like old drums:)

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