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Default Re: Remo Ambassador coating wearing off...

Originally Posted by Sparkboss View Post
Possibly (and hopefully) they're trying to fix it before too many people comment on it. But in that case I suppose they should still tell us that they're being proactive eh?
The issue is that every few years, Remo seem to tweak the formula and this always happens. Every couple of years, a new set of threads arrive complaining about the coating wearing quickly. I do wish Remo would acknowledge the issue. Evanspecialist on here has really done well with questions like this from an Evans point of view and it's great to see a real representative from the company rather than something faceless.

I say this but all my heads are Remo. I've played Evans as well (never been able to get Aquarian here easily) and I just prefer the sound and feel of the Remo heads. I can't quite explain it but it's the way it is. The 'Vintage A' heads are my go-to on snares (hopefully I'll be able to get them again) and I can't think of anything that would substitute it. I've never had a problem with coatings myself but I don't doubt for a second that it happens.
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