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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

Christmas came early for me when I found a bargain on eBay for this used but limited edition Gretsch Catalina Club shell kit that was only sold in certain retailers in 2010. Installed new Remo heads on the toms and put the kit together with the snare, cymbals and hardware I already owned and voila! Can't wait to take these babies out for a spin. Very happy to have joined the Gretsch family!

GRETSCH CATALINA CLUB (100% 6-ply mahogany in Emerald Green finish)
  • 18"x14" bass drum (Remo Fiberskyn Ambassador batter)
  • 12"x 8" rack tom (Remo Fiberskyn Ambassador batter/Clear Ambassador reso)
  • 14"x14" floor tom (Remo Fiberskyn Ambassador batter/Clear Ambassador reso)

LUDWIG SUPRAPHONIC CHROME 400 SNARE (late 70s Blue Olive Badge)
  • 14"x5.5" (Remo Vintage Ambassador batter/Hazy Ambassador reso)
  • Puresound Blaster snare wires

  • 14" HHX Groove Hats
  • 20" HH Medium Ride (w/ light sizzle chain)
  • 16" AA Medium Crash
  • 8" AAX Splash
  • 21" HHX Legacy Ride
  • 20" HHX Chinese (w/ heavy sizzle chain)
  • 8" bell splash (stacked on Chinese)

  • Iron Cobra Powerglide Pedal
  • Roadpro stands & clamps

  • 5A & 8D American Hickory sticks
  • Steve Gadd & Live Wire brushes
  • T1 & Staccato Timpani mallets
  • Rutes
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