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Default Re: Are you a "bit" listener?

Originally Posted by mikeyhanson View Post
I made a collection in iTunes that is of pop songs that I like....or to be more specific, pop songs that I like parts of. It happens a lot where the chorus will be way better than the verse, or vice-versa. Or maybe it's got a bridge, or a hook that's interesting.
I don't do the repeat repeat repeat thing, but I have been known to skip entire sections to get to the part I like.
Mikey's statement above describes and simplifies what I didn't-

What I failed to convey is while bits are just that, parts of a tune one may appreciate most and knock the listener's socks off, it doesn't imply the essence and scope of the entire piece or album for that matter, isn't given complete consideration at one point or another. It just may not occur at that moment. Sometimes the bit is the "whisk you away" the catalyst, the door opener to further and often much greater intrigue, complete and equal appreciation for all parts of that particular tune, whether you like the tune or not. No individual piece is ever just left skimmed through or skipped over. I started listening in depth at about age 6 for hours upon hours in a day, every day. Entire recordings of enormous variety. I was the kid with many worn out records like so many of you. I think too, it has to do with one’s musical environment and upbringing. I was taught to listen, listen, listen deeply and intently. I’m thinking this is how and why bits were so appreciated and heavily embraced in earlier times. I was introduced to bit listening to develop my ear. As some posters have commented that by bit listening, you’re missing out. This is entirely true, if you let it. But as I've explained, it's just one part of the listening process, not the entire process. In fact, I’m recently guilty- example- Hiram Bullock’s (RIP) ‘Way Kool’ album.

I’ve had this “Way Kool” CD for a long time, but couldn’t find it for a long time and maybe forgot I owned it. Just recently found it incorrectly alphabetized. I was thrilled. So I slip it in and while listening, I stumble upon a part, a bit that just knocked me ass over tea kettle. A driving monster of a groove with keys, bass and drums, right off the bat. I bit listened several times and then moved on to the entire CD. I’ll re-visit this closely when I have more time.
It’s simply one small yet intimate and intricate part of the big listening picture, for me. It sounds as though many have bit listened to one degree or another. It’s music, how can we not?
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