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Default Re: Philly Joe Jones

I think it's safe to say there aren't a ton of Jazz guys on this forum, which explains the lack of Jazz drummer threads. . Maybe it's like someone said in another thread, we Jazz guys already know how great these guys are, why bother to post?=)
IMO, those 4 Miles albums on Prestige (Steamin'; and Workin' in addition to the 2 you mentioned) are some of Philly's best stuff.

I'd also add his stuff with Sonny Clark, Hank Mobley, Dexter Gordon, Coltrane (just one), Red Garland...well, most things he did in the 50's and 60's, really. Let's not forget his solo stuff like 'Philly's Big Beat' and the classic 'Blues for Dracula'.

Philly was a quintessential Hard Bop drummer and a musical master indeed. His brush book is a classic I learned from and still use it to teach even today. His musical phrasing along with his tight swing pattern always give him away...

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