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Default Re: Are you a "bit" listener?

I do bit listen, but only if I'm skimming something to see if it's possibly close to what I like or not. The moment something catches my attention, I go completely the other way, & take in as much context as possible. Specifically, I like to listen to a complete album or other piece of work as it was presented in full by the artist. So much of the stuff I listen to is great as individual songs/pieces, but even better in context with the whole package. Think "Holst, The Planet Suite" as a very obvious example, or maybe The Tubes, "The Completion Backwards Principal". Applies very much to videos of live performances too. There's often a story, a theme, a journey, that's more attractive than individual songs/pieces. I often use thinking that the very best of anything is always greater than the sum of it's parts. By bit listening, I think you're missing out :(

TTFN, Andy.
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